quarta-feira, abril 25, 2007

Feliz dia da Liberdade

Neste 25 de Abril, deixo-vos algo único, para meditarem no valor e beleza da liberdade humana:


 My thoughts about all these things derive from a logical standpoint which is more or less the fruit of my long career as a student and, perhaps, what some others might call a liberal. But I believe that the ultimate triumph of liverty is altogether obvious. As the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce[1866-1952]has proclaimed, "liberty is so quintessential to human nature that it is absolutely impossible to destroy it. "I believe along with him that this is a simple fact, afact so certain that liberty must of necessity continue its underground life even when it appears, on the surface, to be suppressed---it will always win through in the end.
  It is equally inevitable that an authoritarian and totalitarian nation, however much it may flourish temporarily, will eventually be defeated. In the present war we can see how this latter truth is borne out in the Axis Powers [the alliance of Japan, Germany, and Italy] themselves. What more needs to be said about Fascist Italy? Nazi Germany too has already been defeated, and we see that all the authoritarian nations are now falling down one by one, exactly like buildings with faulty foundations. All these developments only serve to reveal all over again the universality of the truth that history has so often proven in the past: men's great love of liberty will live on into the future and into eternity itself.


Ryoji Uehara


quarta-feira, abril 18, 2007

Moção Estratégica "Aprender com o Passado, construir o Futuro"

Já está disponível na internet a moção da qual sou apoiante e subscritor. Para os camaradas que quiserem consultar, é só um clique em WWW.construirfuturo.blogspot.com . Visitem e deixem a vossa opinião!

Saudações Socialistas

Bruno Parreira